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Getting legal services can seem intimidating.  It doesn’t have to be!

We believe that the most important aspect of law is the people.  We are committed to serving you and we strive to provide personable, accessible and efficient representation in all legal matters.

Law is about people. We work with a personal touch to provide mindful solutions to legal issues. We strive to fully understand our clients unique situations and needs while ensuring that our clients understand our process. Whether you need a basic will or help navigating a complex legal situation such as probate or trust administration, we’ve got your back.


We are all about customer service. The quality of our work and your happiness with our service are our top priorities. We want you to have a great experience with our down-to-earth, friendly and knowledgeable attorneys and staff.  We make an effort not be pretentious lawyers in shiny suits, because nobody wants that!


Our goal is to help our clients meet their legal needs as efficiently, effectively and stress-free as possible.  Time and money matter, so we strive to never waste either of yours.  We strive to be transparent in our process so that you can be confident in the solutions and documents that we provide you.  When you work with Barbur Law you pay for expert knowledge and service, not leather and marble.  We look forward to serving you and finding the best solutions for you and your legal needs.


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It is important to plan ahead, especially when it comes to your estate. Having an effective estate plan allows you to clarify your final wishes to your loved ones and direct them on how to distribute your assets. Let us help you prepare your will or trust.

Managing and distributing assets after death often requires legal processes such as probate or trust administration. These processes are complex and should not be handled without effective legal counsel.  Let us be your guide.

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Need a contract or advice regarding your business or real estate?  Don’t go it alone! Having effective legal assistance when handling transactions can make a world of difference.  Let us help you with your contracts and other business and real estate needs.

Two Drivers Arguing After Traffic Accident

In an accident,  sometimes even your insurance company may not have your back.  We can help stop the harassing phone calls and navigate the complex insurance system for you.   Let us help you recover what you deserve.




It is usually apparent when you need legal help, but it isn’t always easy to know where to start. If you are wondering what forms and documents you need to get together, give us a call.  Alternatively, you can also review our intake forms and questionnaires for the type of case law that you need to get an idea of the necessary documents.

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Law is fluid.  It constantly changes and updates with the times and with changes in society.  When changes happen that affect our client, we try to publish an update or article to explain how the change may affect you.  It is important to keep up on these changes as some may significantly impact your legal plans or situation.